intro to sexbod & genital meditation

Since I learnt about the Genital Meditation practice during my training as a Sexological Bodyworker,

it has been a true game changer in the way I sense myself and live intimacy.


I wish to spread this knowledge and invite you to a space of sensual exploration, to get playful with slow touch, presence, awareness and intention as a way to deepen your connection to yourself and your partner(s).

The Genital Meditation will be incorporated in the frame of an erotic massage, with different influences from tantric and taoist massage, so that you can get creative and take inspiration for your own ritual at home (or wherever you want!)

Please join with someone you feel comfortable to exchange intimate touch with. All genital configurations welcome!


Come with short nails and bring with you:

- 1 big bed sheet

⁃ 2 towels

⁃ A lungi or kimono

⁃ Thick socks

⁃ Vibrator (optional)


Donation based

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