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Discover your authentic sensual self-expression

What is your true, unique sensual self-expression, beyond the images that socially and culturally conditioned you? How aware are you of your voice, movements and breath?

How does it feel to consciously embody your aliveness and erotism?


This space is an invitation to allow yourself to fully inhabit your sensual body.

To release the contractions inherited from limiting beliefs, shame and self-doubt and to trust the images and impulses that arise from your own tissues. To be with the aliveness that makes you who you are right now.


We will explore what makes you feel alive and vibrant, and how this liveliness wants to express itself through your body. We will learn about the main somatic resources that allow you to collect, intensify and direct your life energy in your body. By embracing humor, ingenuity, and playfulness, you’ll cultivate the art of articulating your truly embodied self.



 • Coming to the body: focus on sensing the pelvic floor as a powerful center of energy and expression

 • Reflection and practice around the three somatic resources: breathe, movement, voice

 • Somatic talk exploration: what makes you feel alive?

• Authentic movement practice and witnessing

When: 14 October 2023 1PM to 5PM
Price: Sliding scale 50 - 90€

To bring: something to write, water, and anything that makes you feel comfortable, blanket, socks, oil, snacks

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