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Erotic Massage

Design your own erotic ritual!

Clara (tantra masseuse) and I invite you to a weekend of bodily exploration and delight.

Saturday will be about the basics of a Tantra-inspired energy massage.

You'll learn:

  • Some massage techniques to directly practice with your partner

  • To support the body's natural energy flows with the help of breathing, strokes and intention

  • Using conscious touch to set the whole body into vibration and relaxation

On the day the focus is on sensual touch and we will not guide any explicit genital or anal massage. Sexual energy will be gentle but not the focus.
We always build in breaks for questions, exchange and integration.

Sunday will be about integrating genital touch to your full body massage.

We start with a greeting ritual between you and your partner. The aim is to create a safe, inviting space and to discuss wishes and boundaries. Then we will guide you through the full body massage you will have learned on Saturday, whereby you will be encouraged to find your own flow and follow your intuition. For the final phase of the massage, we will show you some techniques for playful and pleasurable genital touch.

We will go through this ritual twice that day so that both partners can receive as well as give.

All genital configurations and genders are welcome. Please register directly with with someone you feel safe and confortable to play and explore with.


Please bring with you:
⁃ 1 bed sheet or large cloth
⁃ 2 towels
⁃ Lungi or Kimono
⁃ Thick socks
⁃ Snacks and fruit for a buffet
⁃ Vibrator for massaging (optional)

When: 15-16 April 2023 12PM to 8PM
Price: Saturday-Sunday package 140€ per person
Only Saturday 80€ per person
Only Sunday 80€ per person

please note: you can register only for Sunday only if you have already participated in one of our previous introductory workshops.

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