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Massage Jam

welcome to our monthly sensual playground!

My partner Clara (Tantra masseuse) and I wish to build more community around our workshops.
Therefore, we are holding a monthly massage jam to come together, play, explore and learn from each other.

Come and share your experience and enthusiasm for human touch!

The jam lasts about four hours. We begin with a warm-up session in which we activate our senses, self-awareness and create an intimate setting. Then, the space will be open for people to express their wishes and boundaries for the day and invite each other in pairs or small groups to exchange and explore together.

This is no sexual space, the interactions are limited to consensual, low energy touch. We ask you to keep your arousal low and if it wants to, let it flow after the jam. In order to create a safe space together, we rely on self-responsibility, communication, mindfulness and unconditional respect for the boundaries of everyone involved.

You are welcome to join without any specific intention and let yourself be surprised by the space. Clara and I will be present as space-holders and will be there for any questions or suggestions. We will end with a small round of sharings.

Feel free to come with a partner, in groups or alone.

Please bring something nice for the buffet, oil, towels and any toys you want to play with.


When: Last sunday of the month, 4PM to 8PM

Where: Berlin Neukölln
Price: sliding scale 15€ - 25€


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