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Discover the power of conscious anger

Are you tired of being the nice one, adapting constantly, living for others, unable to say no?


Do you want to be able to make your boundaries clear and find the power to stand for what you believe in?


Then you might want to join Rage Club, a four weeks online training about the power of conscious anger. 


We usually have two ways of dealing with this feeling:

- Suppressing it

- Exploding


"The suppression and repression of healthy anger is a major risk factor for illness.

It actually suppresses the immune system. The way we deal with anger has a crucial effect on our health.”

Gabor Maté


So what does a healthy, constructive and responsible way of using anger look like?

🔥 Set boundaries and gain clarity

🔥 Make your relational spaces safer

🔥 Resolve conflicts constructively

🔥 Take new decisions

🔥 Keep your own center

🔥 Become the creator of the life you wish for


Starting on October 1st, we're launching a weekly online Rage Club.


We'll meet 4 Sundays in a row

(01 - 08 - 15 - 22.10.2023) from 6:30pm to 9pm,

and reclaim our anger as our life force and creative power.

Sliding scale: 80€ - 120€

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