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Sexological Bodywork

Get in touch with your erotic potential

"In Tantric thought, the human body is visualized as a microcosm of the universe. It is believed that the complete drama of the universe is repeated in this very body. The whole body with its biological and psychological processes becomes an instrument through which the cosmic power reveals itself."
Nitin Kumar


.What is it? .

What is the potential of sexuality as a force of creation and connection?

Why do we have sex? Why is it such a huge part of our lives and still so taboo to openly talk about it?

What if there was more to sex than the rigid ideas we culturally inherited?

What would happen if we’d let go of the expectations of what it is supposed to look like?

Sexological Bodywork is a process-oriented approach of somatic bodywork that explores

theses questions and much more. It aims to accompany people in making new experiences in their

bodies and sensations, connecting to the genuine expression of their sexuality as life force energy.

Through different bodywork techniques, somatic dialogue, feedbacks and coachings, I invite you

to a learning space to connect, intensify, regulate and even direct your erotic energy intentionally.

Being with whatever comes up, trusting the intelligence of your body and its resources.

.Bodywork session .

Together we open a learning space guided by your intention and curiosity, in which

you can explore any topic related to your aliveness, embodiment and sexuality.

An session typically lasts 2,5h. We begin with a short talk to formulate your intention and make agreement

on the course of the session. About 1,5h is dedicated to hands-on bodywork and/or somatic exercises.

After some time for integration, we have a short check out on your learning.


A few examples of thematic that can be worked with:


• Lack of sex drive

• Explore ways to orgasm

• Learn how to give and receive sensuality, touch, love

• Premature ejaculation

• Getting in touch with and expressing desires and boundaries

• Developing a conscious masturbation practice 

• Releasing physical blocks or pain

• Regaining sexual function and the ability to feel pleasure after birth or surgery

• Explore anal and/or genital health and pleasure

• Couples interested in enhancing their sex life

• Self-acceptance of one’s own body and gender



One-way touch - As sexological bodyworkes, we do not act as a substitute partner.

If our clients would like to learn erotic touch or other body related relational skills,

they are welcome to bring a loved one or friend to the sessions.

Sexological Bodyworkers always work fully clothed. This way we allow our clients

to fully focus on their own experience, bodies and emotional states.

Medical gloves are used for all genital and anal contact.




A preliminary 20 minutes phone call is free of charge.
To make my offer as accessible as possible, I developed 3 different price categories,

depending on your monthly income. I don't ask for any proof, the choice of price takes place at your own discretion.

Mini price: <850 euros/month
Average price: between 850 – 1500 euros/month
Normal price: from 1500 euros/mont


1 Session lasts 2,5h

Mini price: 60€/h

3 session package: 420€
5 session package: 700€

Average price: 80€/h

3 session package: 560€
5 session package: 850€

Normal price: 110€/h
3 session package: 780€
5 session package: 1100€


© 2023 made by Cloé Crettaz
All rights given. Please copy and share anything that inspires you on this website.

.Counseling .

I offer in person and online counseling hours. If jumping straight into bodywork feels a bit

frightening to you, this could be a good option for you to start talking about your issue.

I will give you some coaching and somatic exercises to start practicing with yourself.



Mini price: <850 euros/month

Average price: between 850 – 1500 euros/month

Normal price: from 1500 euros/month


Mini-price: 50€/h
3 session package: 130€
5 session package: 200€

Average price: 70€/h
3 session package: 190€
5 session package: 300€

Normal price: 90€/h
3 session package
: 250€
5 session package: 400€


© 2023 made by Cloé Crettaz
All rights given. Please copy and share anything that inspires you on this website.

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