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intro to sexbod & genital meditation

Since I've learnt about the Genital Meditation practice during my training as a Sexological Bodyworker,

it has been a true game changer in the way I sense myself and experience intimacy. I absolutely want to pass on this knowledge.


I invite you to a space of sensual exploration, to get playful with slow touch, presence, awareness and intention as a way to deepen your connection to yourself and your partner(s). In this practice, you learn to give a slow and meditative genital massage to your partner, opening a space for them to deeply relax and explore the potential of their erotic energy outside of your habits or usual context for intercourse.


You can incorporate this practice in your sexuality to:

  • learn to manage and be with different waves of erotic energy in your body (prevent premature ejaculation)

  • get to experience your erotic energy outside of sexual interactions/intercourse

  • consciously use your state of arousal to reach more aliveness or deeper states of relaxation

  • learn to receive/give intentionally, practice surrendering and trusting

  • learn to sense and feel deeper in your genital area

  • get in touch and/or release tensions and pain in the area

Workshop structure:

We will start by arriving together in the space and in our bodies through a guided somatic practice. Then we'll briefly hear from each other and our intentions. I will give you a short introduction on my work as a sexological bodyworker and show you how I might use the Genital Meditation practice with my clients. Each participant will have the opportunity to experience both roles as a receiver and a giver, as I will guide you through the practice. At the end, anyone who whish to do so will have space to share about their experience and learnings.


It is a space where everybody is welcome as they are, where they are. You obviously don't have to do anything you do not feel like doing. I invite you to check in with yourself and be clear with your wishes and boundaries at anytime.


Please join with someone you feel comfortable to exchange intimate touch with.

All genders and genital configurations are welcome!


Come with short nails and bring with you:

- 1 big bed sheet

⁃ 2 towels

⁃ A lungi or kimono

⁃ Thick socks

- Snacks and water

When: 22.04 & 27.05.2023 - 10AM - 15PM

Where: Berlin Neukölln (The exact location will be sent to you per E-Mail)
Price: Sliding scale 65€ - 85€ per person

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