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.C L O É  C R E T T A Z .

intimAcy facilitator & Sexological Bodyworker in training


I aim to contribute to a culture in which human beings are empowered in their full aliveness and potential for connexion.

Bringing together feelings and bodywork, I hold spaces for somatic and emotional intelligence to unfold.

My work is rooted in the contexts of Possibility Management

and Sexological Bodywork.

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.Services .

... takes place in person or online, in the form of individual coaching or group workshops. It is an experiential space of empowerment in which you learn to get in touch with the probably most suppressed feeling of all: your anger.

Learning new tools and distinctions to navigate your inner space, you are empowered to get in touch with your own resources and potential.

The aim is to gain self-responsibility for what is triggered in you and determination for what you want to bring to the world.

... is a process-oriented form of somatic body work. It aims to accompany people in making new experiences in their bodies and sensations, connecting to the genuine expression of their sexuality as life force energy.


With self-formulated intentions, targeted embodiment exercises, feedbacks and somatic coaching, you are empowered to find a sensual home within yourself.


Still in training, I am offering sessions and workshops for individual and couples. 


.Upcoming events .


Introduction to Rage Club
Sa. 20.08.2022 - Berlin


.About .

When it comes to describing myself, I would say the only few things that haven't been constantly shifting and evolving in the past few years are my name, eye colour, and love for Rick and Morty.

I left my Swiss home and moved to Berlin as soon as I finished high school, with a longing to broaden my perspective, get to know myself in different contexts and find out what I actually want to bring to the world. Since then, I've been on a journey of self inquiry, exploring many different fields from intercultural projects in contemporary art, intentional communities, body and trauma sensitive work.

I am making my way finding my contribution in the co-creation of a culture of true collaboration among all living beings. What would it look like if we'd wake up from our zombie mode and take responsibility for our feelings and longings, accessing our creative and innovative potential? What does it actually mean to Love? What supports the evolution of our collective consciousness? How can we create sustainable solidarity in communities?

Those are questions that have been driving my way through different educational paths and led me to build my own practice to accompany people in their empowerment and transformation. I share my life with a few friends experimenting around shared economy, shadow work, mutual support, community and sustainable living. My next challenge is to dare to show myself more in this research and share what is dear to my heart with the world.  

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.Contact .

I speak fluent French, German, English and Spanish


Thank you for reaching out !


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